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Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%
  • Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%
  • Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%

Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40%

Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory has successfully launched a Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40% with its profound research and development strength and excellent production process. This product has quickly won the favor of the market due to its rich taste and excellent quality.

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Product Description

Firstly, let's take a look at the fat content of this fragrant Non-dairy creamer. Its fat content is controlled between 30% -40%, which is just right, allowing the Non-dairy creamer to maintain its rich taste while also ensuring its good solubility and stability. This perfectly balanced fat content makes this Non-dairy creamer perform well in various fields such as coffee, milk tea, and baked goods.


Product Name H29 Date of manufacture 20230512 Expiry Ddate 20250511 Product lot number 2023051201
Sampling location Packaging room Specification KG/bag 25 Sampling number /g 3000 Executive standard Q/LFSW0001S
Serial number Inspection items Standard requirements Inspection results Single judgement
1 Sensory organs Color and lustre White to milky white or milky yellow, or with a color consistent with the additives Milky white Qualified
Organizational status Powder or granular, loose, no caking, no foreign impurities Granular, no caking, loose, no visible impurities Qualified
Taste And Odour It has the same taste and odor as the ingredients, and has no peculiar smell. Normal taste and odor Qualified
2 Moisture g/100g ≤5.0 4.0 Qualified
3 Protein g/100g 1.1±0.5 1.2 Qualified
4 Fat g/100g 29.0±2.0 29.4 Qualified
5 Total Colony CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=104,M=5×104 350,300,380,200,320 Qualified
6 Coliform CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=10,M=102 <10,<10,<10,<10,<10 Qualified
Conclusion The test index of the sample meets the Q/LFSW0001S standard, and judges the batch of products synthetically.
■ Qualified   □ Unqualified

In terms of production technology, Changzhou Lianfeng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. has adopted advanced spray drying technology. This technology can ensure that the Non-dairy creamer is evenly mixed and the particles are fine during the processing, thereby ensuring the quality and taste of the product. At the same time, the company also has a comprehensive quality management system, which strictly controls every step from raw material procurement, production and processing to product inspection, ensuring the quality and safety of products.
The uniqueness of this Fragrant Flavor Non-dairy Creamer Fat 30%-40% lies in its rich taste and aroma. Through carefully formulated formulas and unique production processes, the company has successfully created this Non-dairy creamer with a rich aroma and taste. Whether as a companion to coffee or an additive to baked goods, it can bring unique taste and flavor to food, allowing consumers to enjoy a wonderful taste experience.

In addition, this fragrant Non-dairy creamer also has a wide range of applications. In the beverage industry, it can serve as a high-quality companion for beverages such as coffee and milk tea, adding a rich taste and aroma to the drink; In the field of baking, it can be used in the production of foods such as bread and cake, bringing a more delicate taste and texture to the food; At the same time, it can also be applied to the production of foods such as ice cream and candy, bringing a richer taste experience to these foods.
It is worth mentioning that Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory not only focused on the taste and quality of the product during the development of this fragrant Non-dairy creamer, but also fully considered the health needs of consumers. The company adopts scientific formulas and advanced production processes to ensure that Non-dairy creamer maintains a rich taste while minimizing adverse effects on human health. This allows consumers to maintain healthy eating habits while enjoying delicious food.
In terms of service, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory has also performed outstandingly. The company has a professional sales and customer service team that can provide timely and thoughtful service to customers. Whether it is product consultation, order processing, or after-sales service, the company can achieve timely response and efficient resolution, allowing customers to feel considerate care and high-quality service.

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