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32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee
  • 32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee
  • 32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee

32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee

In order to present the best taste and texture for every cup of coffee, it is particularly important to choose a high-quality Non-dairy creamer. Today, we will introduce in detail the 32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee produced by Lianfeng Bioengineering This product is renowned in the industry and has won the love of consumers for its excellent quality and stable performance.

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Product Description

This product has a moderate fat content: the 32% fat content makes this Non-dairy creamer maintain the rich taste of coffee while not being too greasy, providing consumers with a just right taste experience.


Product Name K50 Date of manufacture 20240220 Expiry Ddate 20260219 Product lot number 2024022001
Sampling location Packaging room Specification KG/bag 25 Sampling number /g 3000 Executive standard Q/LFSW0001S
Serial number Inspection items Standard requirements Inspection results Single judgement
1 Sensory organs Color and lustre White to milky white or milky yellow, or with a color consistent with the additives Milky white Qualified
Organizational status Powder or granular, loose, no caking, no foreign impurities Granular, no caking, loose, no visible impurities Qualified
Taste And Odour It has the same taste and odor as the ingredients, and has no peculiar smell. Normal taste and odor Qualified
2 Moisture g/100g ≤5.0 3.9 Qualified
3 Protein g/100g 2.1±0.5 2.2 Qualified
4 Fat g/100g 31.0±2.0 31.3 Qualified
5 Total Colony CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=104,M=5×104 150,170,200,250,190 Qualified
6 Coliform CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=10,M=102 <10,<10,<10,<10,<10 Qualified
Conclusion The test index of the sample meets the Q/LFSW0001S standard, and judges the batch of products synthetically.
■ Qualified   □ Unqualified


Stable Quality: Lianfeng Bioengineering adopts advanced production processes to ensure stable quality of Non-dairy creamer during storage and transportation, reducing product quality fluctuations caused by environmental changes.

Delicate taste: After careful preparation, this Non-dairy creamer can quickly dissolve during brewing, perfectly blending with coffee, making the coffee taste more silky and delicate.

Nutrient rich: In addition to its suitable fat content, this product also contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, etc., providing consumers with comprehensive nutritional support.


This 32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee is mainly suitable for coffee making in coffee shops, restaurants, offices, and other places. Whether it's hand brewed coffee, coffee machine, or ready to drink coffee, they can all perfectly match to present the best taste and texture of coffee.

Our Advantage

Changzhou Lianfeng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. adopted advanced spray drying technology when producing this kind of fat powder. By high-speed spray liquid oil and other raw materials, the water can evaporate rapidly, so as to obtain fine and even fat powder particles. This production process not only ensures stable product quality, but also enables the quick dissolution of Non-dairy creamer during brewing, improving usage efficiency.

High quality raw materials: Lianfeng Bioengineering always adheres to strict standards when selecting raw materials to ensure the superior quality of the selected materials. This results in excellent performance of the produced Non-dairy creamer in terms of taste, color, aroma, and other aspects.

Formula Science: The company has a professional R&D team that continuously optimizes product formulas through in-depth research on coffee taste and consumer needs. This allows the use of 32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee to meet consumer taste needs while maintaining lower calorie and fat content.

Environmental protection production: During the production process, Lianfeng Bioengineering focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development. By adopting clean energy and optimizing production processes, we aim to reduce the impact on the environment and provide consumers with safe and healthy products.

The 32% fat coffee plant-based fat powder produced by Lianfeng Bioengineering has become a popular coffee companion in the market due to its moderate fat content, stable quality, delicate taste, and rich nutrition. Whether enjoying leisure time at home or refreshing your mind in the office, this Non-dairy creamer can add color to your coffee. Choose the Non-dairy creamer from Lianfeng Bioengineering to make every cup of coffee delicious and surprising!

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