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0 Lactose Coffee Creamer

0 Lactose Coffee Creamer

Under the prevalence of coffee culture, coffee creamer, as an important ingredient to enhance the taste of coffee, has been favored by a large number of consumers. However, for individuals with lactose intolerance, traditional dairy creams pose a significant challenge. In order to meet the needs of this group of people, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory has successfully launched a 0 lactose coffee creamer with its advanced technological research and development capabilities. This product not only removes lactose, but also cleverly uses vegetable oils, bringing a brand new taste experience to coffee enthusiasts.

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Product Description

0 lactose formula: Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory has specially launched a 0 lactose formula for people with lactose intolerance. This product completely removes lactose, allowing lactose intolerant individuals to enjoy delicious coffee cream.
The clever use of plant oils: In 0 lactose coffee creamer, the use of plant oils plays a crucial role. It not only provides a silky taste for the product, but also makes the creamer more soluble and can quickly disperse even in cold water, adding rich layering to coffee.


Product Name K35 Date of manufacture 20240125 Expiry Ddate 20260124 Product lot number 2024012501
Sampling location Packaging room Specification KG/bag 25 Sampling number /g 1800 Executive standard Q/LFSW0001S
Serial number Inspection items Standard requirements Inspection results Single judgement
1 Sensory organs Color and lustre White to milky white or milky yellow, or with a color consistent with the additives Milky white Qualified
Organizational status Powder or granular, loose, no caking, no foreign impurities Granular, no caking, loose, no visible impurities Qualified
Taste And Odour It has the same taste and odor as the ingredients, and has no peculiar smell. Normal taste and odor Qualified
2 Moisture g/100g ≤5.0 4.1 Qualified
3 Protein g/100g 1.5±0.50 1.5 Qualified
4 Fat g/100g ≥3.0 28.4 Qualified
5 Total Colony CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=104,M=5×104 120,100,150,140,200 Qualified
6 Coliform CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=10,M=102 <10,<10,<10,<10,<10 Qualified
Conclusion The test index of the sample meets the Q/LFSW0001S standard, and judges the batch of products synthetically.
■ Qualified   □ Unqualified

Healthy nutrition: In addition to removing lactose, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory also focuses on the nutritional value of its products. This 0 lactose coffee creamer is rich in various vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, vitamin E, etc., meeting consumers' pursuit of a healthy diet.
Widely applicable: Whether for home users or coffee shops, this 0 lactose coffee creamer can easily handle it. It is suitable for making various types of coffee, including lattes, cappuccinos, mocha, etc., allowing every coffee enthusiast to enjoy their own wonderful moments.

During the production process, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory strictly adheres to international standards and industry norms to ensure the quality and safety of its products. From raw material screening to production process control, and then to finished product testing, every step is strictly controlled. In addition, the company has introduced advanced production equipment and testing instruments to ensure the stability and consistency of the products.
With the increasing attention of consumers towards healthy eating and the increasing number of lactose intolerant individuals, the market demand for 0 lactose coffee creamer is showing a growing trend. Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory has successfully launched this product that meets market demand with its outstanding research and development strength and exquisite production process, laying a solid foundation for the company's development in the fields of plant oil science popularization and coffee creams.
In summary, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory's 0 lactose coffee creamer brings good news to lactose intolerant populations with its unique plant oil formula and 0 lactose characteristics. It not only satisfies consumers' pursuit of healthy eating, but also brings them a better coffee experience. I believe that in the future, this product will continue to lead the new trend in the coffee and creamer market.

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