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Healthy Non Dairy Liquid Creamer

Healthy Non Dairy Liquid Creamer

Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory, as a well-known enterprise dedicated to the research and production of healthy food, has achieved particularly remarkable results in the field of non dairy liquid milk powder. Today, let's take a closer look at the healthy non dairy liquid creamer produced by Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory .

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Product Description

Firstly, from the perspective of raw materials, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory . strictly screens global high-quality non dairy plant sources, such as soybeans, coconuts, almonds, etc., to ensure the taste and nutritional value of the creamer. These plant raw materials are finely processed to extract rich plant proteins and fibers, which not only have a rich taste but also contain various nutrients needed by the human body.


Product Name T45 Date of manufacture 20231015 Expiry Ddate 20251014 Product lot number 2023101501
Sampling location Packaging room Specification KG/bag 25 Sampling number /g 2100 Executive standard Q/LFSW0001S
Serial number Inspection items Standard requirements Inspection results Single judgement
1 Sensory organs Color and lustre White to milky white or milky yellow, or with a color consistent with the additives Milky white Qualified
Organizational status Powder or granular, loose, no caking, no foreign impurities Granular, no caking, loose, no visible impurities Qualified
Taste And Odour It has the same taste and odor as the ingredients, and has no peculiar smell. Normal taste and odor Qualified
2 Moisture g/100g ≤5.0 4.0 Qualified
3 Protein g/100g 2.0±0.5 2.0 Qualified
4 Fat g/100g 25.0±2.0 25.2 Qualified
5 Total Colony CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=104,M=5×104 290,200,280,180,270 Qualified
6 Coliform CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=10,M=102 <10,<10,<10,<10,<10 Qualified
Conclusion The test index of the sample meets the Q/LFSW0001S standard, and judges the batch of products synthetically.
■ Qualified   □ Unqualified

In the production process, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory adopts advanced biotechnology technology to convert plant raw materials into liquid creamer with strong milk aroma through processes such as enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. At the same time, the company also ensures that each batch of products meets national standards and food safety requirements through a strict quality control system.
In terms of taste, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory's Healthy Non Dairy Liquid Creamer has a silky and delicate taste, which is more easily absorbed by the human body compared to traditional dairy creamers. In addition, it also has good solubility, whether it is cold or hot, it can quickly dissolve, adding rich taste levels to various beverages.
From the perspective of nutritional value, this Healthy Non Dairy Liquid Creamer is rich in various nutrients such as plant protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients play an important role in maintaining human health and enhancing immunity. Especially for lactose intolerant or vegetarians, this cream has become their ideal substitute.

In addition, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory . also attaches great importance to the environmental protection of its products. In the production process, the company adopts environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, reducing carbon emissions and waste generation during the production process. At the same time, the company actively participates in social welfare activities, promotes green consumption, and contributes to environmental protection.
In terms of marketing, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory . has gradually won the trust and love of consumers with its high-quality products and good reputation. Its products not only occupy a place in the domestic market, but are also exported to multiple countries and regions overseas, bringing a healthy and delicious beverage experience to domestic and foreign consumers.
In addition, the company also emphasizes interaction and communication with consumers. Through online and offline channels, the company actively collects feedback and suggestions from consumers, continuously optimizing product formulas and flavors. At the same time, the company also regularly holds tasting events, health lectures, and other activities to have face-to-face communication with consumers, so that more people can understand and like this non dairy liquid cream.
In summary, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory .'s healthy non dairy liquid milk powder has become a highly anticipated product in the market due to its high-quality raw materials, advanced production technology, rich nutritional value, and good market reputation. I believe that in future development, it will bring more consumers a healthy and delicious beverage experience.

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