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Non Dairy Creamer Pudding Powder

Non Dairy Creamer Pudding Powder

Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory, as a cutting-edge enterprise focusing on the research and production of health food, has achieved significant results in the field of non dairy pudding powder in recent years. Today, let's take a closer look at this highly anticipated Non Dairy Creamer Pudding Powder.

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Product Description

Firstly, let's delve deeper into the selection of ingredients for this pudding powder. Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory adheres to the core of health and selects natural and high-quality non dairy plant sources as raw materials, such as plant protein, starch, dietary fiber, etc. These ingredients not only ensure the taste and nutritional value of the pudding powder, but also avoid the health problems that traditional creamers may bring.


Product Name K28 Date of manufacture 20230925 Expiry Ddate 20250924 Product lot number 2023092501
Sampling location Packaging room Specification KG/bag 25 Sampling number /g 2000 Executive standard Q/LFSW0001S
Serial number Inspection items Standard requirements Inspection results Single judgement
1 Sensory organs Color and lustre White to milky white or milky yellow, or with a color consistent with the additives Milky white Qualified
Organizational status Powder or granular, loose, no caking, no foreign impurities Granular, no caking, loose, no visible impurities Qualified
Taste And Odour It has the same taste and odor as the ingredients, and has no peculiar smell. Normal taste and odor Qualified
2 Moisture g/100g ≤5.0 4.0 Qualified
28.5 Fat g/100g 28.0±2.0 28.5 Qualified
5 Total Colony CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=104,M=5×104 180,260,200,230,250 Qualified
6 Coliform CFU/g n=5,c=2,m=10,M=102 <10,<10,<10,<10,<10 Qualified
Conclusion The test index of the sample meets the Q/LFSW0001S standard, and judges the batch of products synthetically.
■ Qualified   □ Unqualified

In the production process, the company adopts advanced production processes and technologies to ensure that the quality and taste of the pudding powder reach the best state. Through precise grinding, mixing, and drying steps, the raw materials are transformed into delicate and uniform pudding powder. At the same time, the company also strictly controls every aspect to ensure that the products are additive free and pollution-free, providing consumers with safe and healthy food.
In terms of taste, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory's non dairy pudding powder has unique advantages. It has a silky and delicate taste, and is more refreshing and non greasy compared to traditional creamer pudding. At the same time, it also has good stability, whether it is hot or cold, it can maintain the taste and form of the pudding, bringing consumers a new taste experience.
In terms of nutritional value, this non dairy pudding powder should not be underestimated. It is rich in various nutrients such as plant protein and dietary fiber, which helps to supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and promote intestinal health. In addition, it also has the characteristics of low sugar and low fat, suitable for all types of people to consume, especially consumers who are concerned about healthy eating.

In addition to the advantages of the product itself, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory also attaches great importance to the environmental protection and sustainability of the product. In the production process, the company actively adopts environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technologies to reduce carbon emissions and waste generation during the production process. At the same time, the company also advocates the concept of green consumption and encourages consumers to choose healthy and environmentally friendly food.
In addition, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory also focuses on interaction and communication with consumers. The company provides consumers with a more intuitive understanding of the characteristics and advantages of its products through online and offline activities, as well as holding tasting events. At the same time, the company actively collects feedback and suggestions from consumers, continuously optimizing product formulas and flavors to meet their needs.
In short, Lianfeng Bioengineering China manufacturer supplier factory's Non Dairy Creamer Pudding Powder has become a dark horse in the field of healthy food due to its high-quality raw materials, advanced production technology, rich nutritional value, and good market reputation. I believe that in future development, it will bring more consumers a healthy and delicious eating experience.

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